Friday, November 25, 2011

Gangis Khan - Scattered Thoughts pt. 2



Salute to the newest member of #iceh2oCanada, @Gangeezy_Camo! #Scarborough"


Gangis Khan - Greezy

Havoc ft. Prodigy - On A Mission

Blood Work (2002)

Blood Work, starring and directed by Clint Eastwood, is a mystery thriller that follows an aging FBI agent, Terry McCaleb, who has suffered a heart attack. He received a heart transplant from a woman who was murdered and when he was contacted by her sister, decided to find his donor’s killer. The film is carried through with McCaleb’s undaunting determination-he’s still recovering from the heart transplant and I thought this premise itself was interesting.

This retired agent, fueled with righteous dedication, battles his own deteriorating body. McCaleb is weakening, except his young, healthy heart and his meticulous mind, which remains as sharp as ever.

While McCaleb was usually thoughtful and contemptlative, there were other times when he seemed like a wiser, aged, more reserved Dirty Harry Callahan. Perhaps that’s just Clint’s action face. Either way there are a some dirty action scenes, especially given the character’s condition. Altogether, this is worth-while mystery thriller.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Narcicyst - What's Up Doc

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

I recently completed the single player campaign to Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I played it for Xbox 360 and I think its controls are superb, it has probably one of the best setups for an FPS. I personally enjoy tactical shooters, and R6V2 fulfilled this niche while adding an interesting story.

Now one thing that`s cool, due to how the whole narrative between Vegas 1 and 2 interrelates, is that both games deal with the same time period. So no, 2 isn`t just another attack on Las Vegas following the first, but just the same attack from a different point of view. At least that`s how I understand it. So each game is a layer on the overall story.

The story itself disassociates itself from the first game bringing in new characters and a new team, which I thought was a good idea. It made it different and it was realistic that there would be more story to tell through other members of Rainbow during this event. The protagonist Bishop, while having an established story, has qualities that are character controlled; when coupled with his (or her) past as an instructor, this adds an interesting personalising dynamic.

Not only does this sequel allow the player to customize their appearance, but armour and weapon load-out that effect the character’s attributes. There’s an interesting single player merit system that allows for unlocks. It is somewhat similar to how the COD online model works, but it is integrated well into the single player character customization.

Vegas as a locale works well. It`s interesting because while New York and Los Angeles have games based in and off them, Vegas is somewhat distinctive in gaming (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Fallout: New Vegas). Perhaps it is because it is naturally playful and offers a unique atmosphere that immediately changes the dynamics of any IP. Anyways, I thought I`d be weary of LV by the second title, but it was still fun. Ubisoft Montreal was able to keep it fresh and varied.

The game gives the player tight control, which allows him or her to maneuver during very tenuous situations. I think the cover system fits well and is effective. I also liked how the developers added sprint. Unfortunately I found out about the ability to control teammates with voice after I beat campaign, so I’ll have to try that out the next time I play it through. When I do eventually get Xbox Live up and running, I look forward to playing this online. Due to the tight, intuitive controls and interface, I think it would allow for an immersive, realistic online experience and that’s what I’m looking for. Altogether Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is one of my favourite first person shooters so far on Xbox 360.

Channel Live ft. Krs-One - Mad Izm

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shivers (1975)

Shivers, directed by David Cronenberg, is a horror film which could be considered a zombie movie. I enjoyed it, despite its creepiness and it stands as a true example of Canadian film, zombie movies and Cronenberg’s work. The zombies in this are almost like rage zombies from 28 Days Later and Los Ganados from Resident Evil 4, except it turns them into rapists instead of cannibals. They don’t necessarily need to have sex to transfer the parasite, but they are driven to sex. This makes it more disturbing than the usual flesh-eating zombies in some ways, and in other ways, less disturbing. There is less gore and violence but still more than the average movie. Also, the horror comes through in the violent sexual advances as well as Cronenberg’s trademark bio-grossness.

Although far from empty, the island secluded apartment building evokes a similar isolating atmosphere as the house in the Night of the Living Dead, which proceeded this film or the Overlook Hotel that would follow it in The Shining. This isolation is interesting because it's a large group of people living closely in a self-sustained society, a point that is touted in the beginning of the film. This is the set up for the impending infection.

The film holds an odd, but unique, view on the line between sex and violence. It also presents the repulsive idea of parasitic venereal invaders. The biological implications are a Cronenberg trademark I like. It keeps things imaginative and exploratory. According to Wikipedia this was his first feature film and its a brave first outing. I think the contrast of sex to violence is interesting because these victims are a lot less physically dangerous than the typical zombie, it isn’t totally life threatening. While their assaults are often violent and murderous, not all advances are rejected and its not like a zombie who’s first intention is to bite and kill.

The Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968, so if this film was classified as falling within the zombie genre, it's fairly early. This allowed the film to follow certain trends from the genre, but diverge from the not-yet established dogma. I think if it was made later it’d be more trapped within the repeated establishments by any other successful zombie film that proceeded it. I found it to be a unique, fascinating and early take on zombie films, and while its not for everyone, I would recommend it.

DJ Premier ft. Nas & Berklee Symphony Orchestra - Regeneration

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pharoahe Monch - Evolve

Tomb Raider Trailer

I've been playing Tomb Raider Legend from the HD Collection and am enjoying it, so I'm lookin forward to this. The premise reminds me of Farcry, but I could see it fitting Tomb Raider games and the development of Lara Croft's character.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phoenix Jones - "Breaks Up Fight"

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.


Come on man...what is this bullshit? You're gonna break up a brawl of drunk east european clubbers, then call the cops? Is that really why you donned the bulletproof vest? While I don't know what to say about the whole deal...if he's gonna do it he should at least do it right!

"Go home!"

He should have just left them in the first place, he just exacerbated the problem. I think I'd find his career choice more admirable if he was out solving mysteries and shit. Why don't you go and take one of those names from the missing person's list and see if you can help them out. Attempt to find evidence in order to bring down Rupert Murdoch. Maybe find out who killed biggie.

"They got rocks!"

I mean really, do you expect to spray up peoples' eyes (especially women dolled for the club) and not expect them to get angry? Just running in and spraying random drunks with pepper--what'd Phoenix expect those girls to do, kiss you on the cheek? That would explain his mask. And of course he pepper sprayed, mocked, and embarrassed these Russian dudes' girlfriends so naturally they gotta say or do something as their machismo rating gets a large bonus.
So it continues.
Then of course Phoenix follows them and tells them he's calling the police, until naturally, they get annoyed. Just making everything worst.
It is hilarious how they call the police and then they just get clowned..., even while this videographer is on the phone with dispatch.

"We're about to arrest the whole bunch of ya..."


"Go away go away go away!"

Good for them. Good for them all.

Styles P - Alone in the Streets

For the longest time I thought Jada was so much better than Styles P. I think Styles P is more abstract. They're both dope!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Awesome. It looks like it will be the greater Los Santos (LA) rather than San Andreas (San Fierro, Las Venturas). I personally don't mind, I just want a corresponding L.A. experience to the N.Y. one. I'm sure it'll be that and more. I see people want customizable options like San Andreas, and I don't think that would be a bad thing. I'd personally like to see real estate (from SA and Vice City) come back. To me, the protagonist sounds a lot like Ray Liotta which isn't bad. I'd probably be a bit disappointed if it was Ray Liotta as someone other than Tommy Vercetti. But if it is Tommy Vercetti (granted, I don't really even know if it is Ray Liotta) that would be pretty cool.

I should say his monologue reminded me somewhat of Breaking Bad, only based on the similar innocent motivations of legally wanting to provide the best lives for their families, but finding themselves forced to into shadiness. It is also interesting that it seems the protagonist will have a family near-by.

The protagonist is attracted by the Hollywood glitz as many people seem to be. He says he wants to retire from "that". So I guess it could be assumed he wants to retire from crime to be with his family, a la A History of Violence. Other things: For sale sign going up on a house (real estate), puttin the top up on a droptop. Someone being kicked out of a club (reminds me of Ballad of Gay Tony's club shit), a ghetto bird chasin a brother, and the trailer ends with a plane... Looks intriguing so far.

Drake - Headlines