Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phoenix Jones - "Breaks Up Fight"

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.


Come on man...what is this bullshit? You're gonna break up a brawl of drunk east european clubbers, then call the cops? Is that really why you donned the bulletproof vest? While I don't know what to say about the whole deal...if he's gonna do it he should at least do it right!

"Go home!"

He should have just left them in the first place, he just exacerbated the problem. I think I'd find his career choice more admirable if he was out solving mysteries and shit. Why don't you go and take one of those names from the missing person's list and see if you can help them out. Attempt to find evidence in order to bring down Rupert Murdoch. Maybe find out who killed biggie.

"They got rocks!"

I mean really, do you expect to spray up peoples' eyes (especially women dolled for the club) and not expect them to get angry? Just running in and spraying random drunks with pepper--what'd Phoenix expect those girls to do, kiss you on the cheek? That would explain his mask. And of course he pepper sprayed, mocked, and embarrassed these Russian dudes' girlfriends so naturally they gotta say or do something as their machismo rating gets a large bonus.
So it continues.
Then of course Phoenix follows them and tells them he's calling the police, until naturally, they get annoyed. Just making everything worst.
It is hilarious how they call the police and then they just get clowned..., even while this videographer is on the phone with dispatch.

"We're about to arrest the whole bunch of ya..."


"Go away go away go away!"

Good for them. Good for them all.

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