Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Awesome. It looks like it will be the greater Los Santos (LA) rather than San Andreas (San Fierro, Las Venturas). I personally don't mind, I just want a corresponding L.A. experience to the N.Y. one. I'm sure it'll be that and more. I see people want customizable options like San Andreas, and I don't think that would be a bad thing. I'd personally like to see real estate (from SA and Vice City) come back. To me, the protagonist sounds a lot like Ray Liotta which isn't bad. I'd probably be a bit disappointed if it was Ray Liotta as someone other than Tommy Vercetti. But if it is Tommy Vercetti (granted, I don't really even know if it is Ray Liotta) that would be pretty cool.

I should say his monologue reminded me somewhat of Breaking Bad, only based on the similar innocent motivations of legally wanting to provide the best lives for their families, but finding themselves forced to into shadiness. It is also interesting that it seems the protagonist will have a family near-by.

The protagonist is attracted by the Hollywood glitz as many people seem to be. He says he wants to retire from "that". So I guess it could be assumed he wants to retire from crime to be with his family, a la A History of Violence. Other things: For sale sign going up on a house (real estate), puttin the top up on a droptop. Someone being kicked out of a club (reminds me of Ballad of Gay Tony's club shit), a ghetto bird chasin a brother, and the trailer ends with a plane... Looks intriguing so far.

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