Friday, April 23, 2010


Theres no remedy
for this sickness
It'll get to you eventually,
like trick-or-treat chicklets.
It's no fickle feat when my bic hits,
always ripple deep like rollin ellipses.
Ones and sixes
Are they my fix or elixir?
But its the shockwave that smashes the listener!
My tidal wave current
blastin established fixtures!
Its vital to be observant,
masterin lavish pictures.
I study styles that are emergin,
Hip hop insurgent armed w/ atomic deterreents
sleepin in cells, keepin haters nervous!
Who can compete w/ that level of heat?
Pushin boomin imports, prowin the streeets
poundin beats, have beasts bow in defeat!
I'm on the quest for perfection,
when I read I feel challenged by the author
My mind and chest disected
like I leaped out da front of a flyin saucer!
I don't mean to talk shit like Oscar!
But my dossier
is filled with pages ripped,
by thoughts caught in my crosshairs!
Survival of the fit,
What bleeds between lines will cause fear
across the blogosphere!
Emcees beware, cause Sauga's here!

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